Monday, December 27, 2010

Calorie Counting

Why do I detest calorie counting?  I started tracking my calories a few day ago.  I know perfect time of the year to do so.  I realized a few “why’s” of my distaste for counting calories.

It’s like a cold wet slap in the face.  You are eating far worse that you thought.  Although I do realize this a positive thing when it comes to weight loss but …  Then I start second guessing the calories.  “That wasn’t actually a medium slice of sourdough, more like a SMALL”.  So then I start adjust things.  This is where the nutty comes into play.  “The sausage I ate has 2 less grams of fat” and on and on.  NUTSO.  I don’t need to spend my time and energy getting nutty.

I am using Spark People’s site to look up my calories.  I will track my cals.  I am backtracking a week’s worth of food so I do need to spend some time at the computer.

My cheat free day turned out to be where I estimated it was - 1507 cal, 110 g carb, 66 g fat, 116 g protein.


  1. I agree, Amy! COunting Calories is essential. I am not doing it as much as I should/want to, but I think it's a powerful learning tool.

    Great job on your cheat-free day!

  2. I hated counting calories too then I started doing it (in order to count carbs) and boy howdy was I amazed! And THEN I started measuring food and I just couldn't believe how much I was actually eating. It's a necessary evil. After a while, it'll be second nature to us. I'm hoping, anyway! Vee at

  3. I know it's a pain. And I know the driving desire to resist doing it. I do have to say, it's making all the difference in my journey, though... and I'm not going to mess with what's working! I will try to log BEFORE I eat so that I know exactly what I'm putting in my body and make adjustments before I consume. It doesn't always work, but I do it a lot and it also forces me to plan... another good strategy. It's really hard at the beginning, but it gets much easier as it becomes a habit. Give it some time and expect the first few weeks - maybe even a month - to be frustrating... but it does get much better! Alesha