Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 11/9/10

Weight = 194.2
Loss = Why bother *

So I finally starting to feel more myself.  2 weeks ago I had my colonscopy.  I detailed the food and other issues here.  The first few days seemed normal then I got hit with my monthly visitor.  That kicked my butt for almost the whole week.  It is hard to describe why I didn't feel like myself but there was a few crazy things going on.  I was bloated.  My stomach has been sticking out.  I could tell with my clothes, etc.  I wasn't in pain, just not right.  TMI but I was also gassy and I haven't been that way in months. I gained 5 pound super quick *.  I have never had such a big out of control gain, no matter how crappy I ate.  Now, admittedly my eating has not been in the best shape.

Exercise - GREAT
Last week I went to boot camp 4 days and even did an extra mile on Friday's boot camp.  Sunday I did a ton of walking.  Today was the beginning of my 4th week of boot camp.  This made me start to wonder.  Was the weight gain from all the exercise (muscle gain).  I have been told I am thinning (my shape) but how can that be possible when I feel bloated and gained 5 pounds.  That is my frustration with my body.  Has happened before.  I exercise, lose no weight but my shape quickly improves, enough for people to notice.

For the next few days I am simply going to work on not cheating.  For me that means, no deserts, no candy, keep the bread carbs below 30g, eat fruit, lower carbs at dinner, no overeating.  After that I will have a few lower carbs days, no bread or pasta, more veggies, etc.  A system clean out, sort of.

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  1. I totally doubt the gain was real. You did some great activity, and I'm sure it was the combination of all of the bodily issues...

    Looking forward to your next weigh in!