Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 11/30/10

Weight = 193.4
Loss = +2.4

I am sitting here and my head is screaming, don't write this post.  You weight is way up.  Pretend you forgot to weigh yourself.  No one will know any better except yourself.  Bad idea.  I am here admitting my weight is going not well.

I know next week will be better.  Whether or not if it is a valid excuse but Mother nature came in yesterday and is still kicking my butt.  Deep down I don't think it is a valid excuse, not sure though.  But hormones do play a huge role in my issues.  PCOS and hormones are the bane of my existence.  Maybe when I reach a lower weight the impact will be less but right now It kicks my butt.  Problem is now with a lower weight, my medicine and food under better control, my cycle went from being erratic (60+ days) to super regular (28 days).  It still lasts 5 days and the first 2 to 3 are insane.  Sorry this is TMI, but this is where I am NOW.

My cold is lingering and the super dry cold windy weather is not helping.  Every morning I wake up feeling like crap with a sore throat.  I am fine later in the day only to repeat the next morning.

Tomorrow I will do my inches, etc.


  1. Darn hormones and all that come with them! I hope you feel better soon. Maybe you need a humidifier in your bedroom.

  2. Tis the season! I'm proud of you, though. You committed to making this a public journey and it takes strength to keep that up when the times aren't as good. That right there is a WIN. I DO believe that TOM plays a role - at least with water retention. I can track it like clockwork on my scale. Good news is that it is temporary. Hope you feel better! Alesha