Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 11/23/10

Weight = 191.0
Loss = -1.0

Weighed in on Tuesday, unable to blog until today.  We drove 350 miles to Nana's house.  Baby also a super rough night of sleep.  He always does on the first night we travel anywhere.  I am not surprised that the scale is playing games with me.  I know I will hit the 180's soon.  So close I can smell it.  Maybe not next week since - you ladies know why.

I haven't exercised since Thursday.  Partly because of the cold I got and then a 1000 other excuses.  I will get back on the horse tomorrow.  I am not a big Thanksgiving eater.  Gravy - blah, mashed potatoes - blah, turkey - cold in a sammie the next day - YUM.  Today I have been overeating - admittedly.  I am at my mom's house - the land of temptation.

Happy Thanksgiving  - I am very thankful for this blog, my readers and the other brave souls (bloggers) who put their stories out there too to help motivate and help me.

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