Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 11/16/10

Weight = 192.0
Loss = -2.2

Right now, I don't consider anything a true loss untill I go below 190.0 (hit on 9/14).  Happy to see things finally going in the right direction.  But, I expect more.  I have been spot on with the food and exercise.  Been waiting to see the whoo hoo moment on the scale. 

Maybe I need to work on the food more.  Examine what I am really eating.  I know I am missing veggies and fruit.  Need to eat more of those.  I have been having bread with breakfast and lunch (no more than 30g total carbs).

For exercise - Boot camp is over.  I decdied I am going to focus on the cardio and then do a Boot Camp style (muscle work) class no more than twice a week.  I will also make sure fit in one Yoga class a week.

I have revised my  HOT 100 weight goal.  I would have to loose a solid 3 pounds every week without fail to reach 174.  I am not sure I have it in me to do that.  It's not a cop out, I am trying to be realistic.  My body (the whole kabooble) has never made such a high and consistent weight loss.  I think 186 is a great number for me.  That is about 1 pound a week from today on.  186 will get me solidily in the 180's (finally) and give me a good start to 2011.

Hot 100 goals
1.  186.0 by 12/31/10
2.  lower waist meansurement from 48 to 44 inches.  I will take new meansurement in the begining of December.
3.  Water 72oz - honestly I can't stand it if I drink less than this.


  1. I think your loss this week was pretty darn good:) But in my opinion, goals are meant to be changed to fit our needs.

  2. I personally think you did really well. You've got some great momentum and motivation and you're sticking with it. Great job!

    Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  3. I am happy about the loss but I have been playing the smae 5 pounds for too long. That's why 190 is my loss marker.

  4. You did so well! A loss is a loss! It's not another gain so appreciate it! You are so close to your goal! Keep it up.

  5. Smart thinking. I'm so glad to see that you're not going to try to push your body to lose 3lbs/week. 1lb is good and healthy and attainable. Yay for setting ourselves up for success. Way to go on all the progress you've made so far too. Now about that water thing? That's one of my goals too and I struggle with it. What's the secret. Camelbak? Beer helmet with water bottles instead? I need something to help me get this damn water down. :)

  6. Salina - I use a awesome bottle bottle from Contigo. I will email you a picture.