Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Party Recap

Party 1-Saturday
Beforehand my food was:  Tea, oolong tea, lots of water. my oatmeal, small portion of steak an mushrooms, about 6 Ritz crackers, tortilla chips and bean dip (I had to try what I was bringing).  I did 40 interrupted min on the treadmill and cleaned my house like a madwomen.

The party was great and FULL of potluck food.  For the first few hours I was solo with the Tornado (19 months).  There was a ton of kids and lots of open doors.  So it was difficult to eat or stay in one place for that matter.  2 cocktails were in order - a root beer float martini and a rum and coke.  I could have had more but it was just making me sleepy.  I sampled different foods.  My biggest accomplishment are 2 things - one I didn't overeat, never felt stuffed and two - I avoided the cupcakes.  I thought about eating a cupcake.  I wanted to eat a cupcake.  But I decided I had enough food and it wasn't worth a trigger.  One cupcake usually equal 4 for me.

Party 2 - Sunday
I did ok really bad.  I ate way more carbs that I needed to.  The whole day was off since hubby and I went to bed at like 3am the night before.  I barley ate most of the day.  Had a bagel late in the afternoon and then went to the party.  My fun monthly visitor came last night so will power decided to take a hike.  Later in the evening, I was kid and hubby free - they were all sleeping - so I went to a girlfriend's for some girl talk and a ton of whine wine.

My weight is way up.  Tuesday won't be pretty on the scale.   I feel like crapola today.


  1. Just a party. This moment is a new moment, and you can CLAIM it! Starting new, fresh, each moment is a gift of possible good health and good choices.

    Just a thought. Vee at

  2. I'd say that you avoided the cupckaes. And that's a win to be proud of. In the past, maybe you would have had cupcakes and all that other stuff...this time, though, you cut out the cupcakes. Not bad, Amy!!