Monday, November 15, 2010

Time Management Part 1

As part of the process of working my time management I am going to review the things I do.  Hopefully this will help me find areas that need improvement.  I hope this doesn't bore my readers too much.  I thought of doing this on paper but I consider my blog as my personal (although public) journal.  What better place then here.  Maybe someone has some insight that can help me or maybe my brainstorm helps someone else.

This first part is the things I do inside my home on top of all the regular stuff like - kids, homework, cleaning, laundry, garden, weeds, food, etc, etc.

I can't begin to describe how much this blog has helped me.  I can't give this one up.  I used to write my posts while watching TV, sometimes to my husbands annoyance.  But the laptop busted and we are down to the 2003 dinosaur I am on now.  We will be getting a new faster computer soon, so this may speed thing up.

Reading and commenting on other blogs
I love reading about other people's journeys and some mommy blogs.  It is a source of entertainment (like Facebook).  Bonds have been formed with fellow bloggers.  Again the slow computer doesn't help here.  I streamlined my blog reading by using the Google reader and quickly scrolling thru but I can't find a quick way to make comments on posts.  I have to find the blog, open it up, get to the post and then comment.  If someone knows a quicker way, please tell me.  I haven't been commenting much because it takes way too long.

Oh FB how I love and hate you.  This is why I don't touch Twitter.  I don't need another computer thing in my life.  I don't play any of the games.  I browse the status updates and pictures.  As a stay at home mom I love the link to the outside world.  I love seeing tid bits of the the lives of the people around me.  Feeds the Mrs. Kravits in me.  I have re-connected and stayed connected with so many in my life thanks to Facebook.  Many of whom I want to continue to be connected with.  I know it is a huge time sink because I do read all the new updates.  I am compelled to read and look at pictures to completion.  Don't want to miss anything.

I tired to limit myself to checking 2 times a day.  Doesn't always work.  Possible solutions - 100% eliminate, only update with kids pics (for family) and don't look at others, or "hide" less important people's posts to clean it up and read only once a day.  What is best?

Hubby thinks I spend to much time but I disagree.  Yes I quickly cheek and read anything necessary but I hardly ever send emails.  I never send jokes, junk, you house will explode if you don't forward this.  I maintain the family calendar with Outlook.  Without this I would be dead in the water.  Many of the families activities are thru email  - soccer, Boy Scouts, party invites, play dates, etc.  I could limit myself to checking maybe twice or once a day here?

This is a sticky one.  My bikini competition friend almost never has the TV on in her house.  Even with 2 kids under 7, no TV.  Only on super rare occasions.  My household couldn't be more opposite.  I do have some standards - No TV in bedrooms, no TV before school but that's about it.  I only watch TV that has been recorded on my DVR.  I would go insane if I had to wait for a commercial.  But I love TV.    On a fairly active day I may watch 1 to 2 hours.  On a lazy, no plans, not leaving house day, much more.  I don't snack with TV so food is not an issue.  I usually do something else while watching - folding clothes, To Do lists, purging mail, dusting, snuggling, etc.


  1. I spend way less time on facebook now that I am in the blog world. But I have just started getting into twitter and you are wise not to venture into that big time suck!

  2. I spend a lot of time on the computer which could probably be better spent doing other things. I'm telling myself that once I'm well (have flu/sinus infection), I'll get back into good habits. And the TV is almost always on but I'm rarely watching it as it's background noise. Meanwhile, hello facebook! Vee at