Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paying it Forward

So I watch the Biggest Looser.  I know, kill me now but hey it is the only reality TV I watch.  I record it so I can watch the 2 hours in like 30 min.  This season is about "Paying it Forward".  This past week a kicked off contestant talked about how he payed it forward.  Even though he wasn't at goal yet he still put himself out there to help others.

I enjoy discussing weight loss and health.  Hell, I wouldn't mind even debating it with someone because I am 100% aware I DO NOT have all the answers.  BUT ....  It's like talking about politics.  No one wants to talk about it or even hear it.  It is such a personal issue for everyone.

I would love to pay it forward.  Love to talk about what I have learned and am still learning to this day.  There is even a particular person in my circle of life I would love to help.  So much so that I am considering reaching out to this person.  Is this a good idea?

I know my blog is one way to reach out but it is one sided.  It doesn's allow for an open dialog.

Do you have the desire to "Pay it Forward", no matter where you are in your journey?

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  1. I feel like if I'm not "there" then no one will listen to what I have to say. It wouldn't matter if I had a Ph.D. in nutrition or kinetics... when it comes down to it, if I'm not perceived to be the ideal, it's hard for me to think I can be credible. Don't think I'm saying that we're NOT credible... it all comes down to perception. The people on the Biggest Loser who are paying it forward before they are "done" (if that is a place to really be) have credibility because of the show. As for the person you care about in your life... that is so tricky. You love this person, you care about this person... and OF COURSE you want to share!! My two cents is that 1. they know they aren't where they want to be and 2. if they know you, they already know that you are on your own journey. They may not be ready to begin theirs yet. I'd love it if you could have the conversation with them about the above... wanting to pay it forward and share the journey and see if they take the leap to say, "help me". You know how personal this journey is... even our parents who love us so much, even when they make "helpful" comments, they can come across as hurtful. Tread lightly.