Monday, November 29, 2010

Spending Spree

I We have $200 to spend on fitness equipment.

My husband has a voluntary fitness program thru work.  If you complete the year long program you get $200 to spend on fitness something.

We have been contemplating where we should spend the money.  Hubby only wants to spend the $200, no more, too many bills right now.

Some ideas
  • Gym membership for me only.  I can use the sitting service and take group exercise classes like Zumba or Spinning.  There is also an indoor pool there.
  • Kettlebells.  My hubby read that Kettlebells are great cardio so this was his suggestion.  My Bikini friend used Kettlebells to transform her body.  There is an excellent local instructor that she works with.  I suggested we take a class together before we make a decision.  I am planning a date night for Thursday.
  • Olympic Bar and weights - We bought an Olympic weight bench a few years ago but no weights or bar.
  • Digital Monitor - What?  Either a heart rate monitor or a total calorie monitor like the Body Bugg.  This would blow the $200 budget for sure.
  • Group Classes for me - Either more yoga classes, a new boot camp, or a pass to the kettlebell class.
Any other ideas?  Where would you spend the $200.


  1. Oh fun! I think the body bugg or classes would be my top picks for a splurge. Well, the body bugg really, since I'd do classes anyways:)

  2. YOGA!!!!

    Id take classes not use dvds :)


  3. Love Yoga - no DVD's or regular gym for me. Has to be a professional yoga studio. Luckily i have an awesome one down the street and I already have a few pre-paid.

    I have think that technically the money should go toward hubby or both, not just me.

    I am on the fench about monitors. I don't track my cal / food, but it would be nice to know my total burn for the day. I would also like to know my HR. I wish there was a device that did both, haven't seen it yet.