Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Equation I Struggle With

ME + Social Event = FOOD

Why is it that all social events revolve around food?  My Friend wrote here about how she pulled away from social situations partly because of the food.  This got me to thinking, searching.  I am a social person and I want to be out there with the people.  Not always around the little penises people that run my life.  Buy why does every social event I can think of mostly involved food in some form or other?

Sure there is the CHOICE to avoid the food at an event but let's be realistic.  How often is that really going to happen without your own internal struggle or external pressures. 

I don't avoid social events.  In the past 11 month of blogging I have used social events as a teaching moment.  Sometimes I succeed as seen here or here.  Other times, not so much like here and here.

Help!!!! - Let's brainstorm social events, things to do that don't involve food.  Most of the things I can think of are outdoors so maybe someone from a snowy state might have some better ideas.

Socializing without food
Going out for coffee (only) - but I don't drink the stuff
Clothes shopping but pack your lunch or find a healthy alternative
Scrapbooking - with only healthy snacks
Bunco with healthy food (or no food)
Bowling without all the crappy food
Movie - pack a snack and bring water bottle

Most of the ideas I can think of are one on one or small group events.  What about bigger groups?


  1. OMG this kills me. Not only the social events, but that I almost always cheat leading up to them with my stress and resentment and the mentality that "I am going to blog my diet anyways so..."

    We sometimes play party games when we have a big group.

  2. I'm not as naturally social as you are I think, but one thing that does help me with social events is having a full meal before I go. The snack thing doesnt help me much, but if I eat a full meal first than it's unlikely I'll go too crazy.

    Another thing that's helped a lot is learning to like tea. I started out having no appreciation but I've since become a tea snob and it's great because it's calorie free, always available & it's a whole ritual thing so it keeps your hands and mouth busy...

  3. The social aspect of life is also very important to me. So important, that I am not willing to give up communing with others in life... that is too big a sacrifice for me. The food element is a complex one for sure. I'm not a one-cookie girl. I'm just not. And I don't care how many people say that 21 days of doing something makes a new habit. That's just not true for me. Sarah (above) and her idea about eating something before she goes is a big one for me too. If I have no idea what will be served or if I think there won't be healthy options, I'll have a glass of milk with protein powder mixed into it to keep me full prior and I might stick a healthy portable snack in my bag. When I'm at someone's house, I'll limit myself to the protein and veggies (remember that part about me not being a one-cookie girl?). I don't walk around with a plate in my hand (too tempting to refill). At restaurants, I always find the nutritional information before I order. That's just the way it is now. Then I enjoy why I'm there - the other people! And when people really care about you and respect your goals, they won't feel bad if you bring your baggie of carrot sticks! Openness helps. Alesha