Monday, November 22, 2010

Come on What's 2-Tenths Worth

The scale (unofficial) today read 190.0. 

Seriously, it couldn't give me a 2 tenths dip into the 180's.  Really.  I tried 4 times.  Never once have I seen a 18X on the scale.  Why is this such a block for me.

Good news is that 190.0 is less that my hubby's weight from last week of 190.4.  Never have I been lower than him. 

Maybe my official (Tuesday) weight will be in the 180's.

1 comment:

  1. Last week was the first time Jim stepped on the wii scale with me. He was shocked. He weight plenty more then me. I think he was really truly shocked. If feels so good. I put his clothes on over the weekend, just playing and that put him into more shock. I could snap his work shrit, I could zip up his pants without laying down. Now if I was 6'4" tall the jeans would of fit much better. You are doing awesome. Keep up the great work. I am hoping Friday will be that magic 18x also. Mine is 191. Here's hoping we both make our goals this week.
    take care and God Bless!!!