Saturday, November 13, 2010

Asking for Help - Update

Here is an update on my post about asking for help.

Hubby said hell no on getting a cleaner twice or even once a month.  Around here a twice a month house cleaner can run about $75-95 dollars per visit.  There is many reasons for his no.  Property taxes are coming up, yearly car insurance, yearly homeowner insurance, etc - oh, and they are all due in December of all months.  We also need to completely demo and re-do 2 bathrooms.  This is not a want and we have no idea where the cash will come from.  Both are leaking and the repair isn't easy, plus both bathrooms are original (25 years plus).

He said the typical "I will help out more with the cleaning".  He is a wonderful husband but seriously we all know how that goes.  It is easier just to do it yourself.  Plus his To Do list is equally as long as mine.  He does everything himself.  In fact he just finished (not 100% done) building his own cabinets in the garage from scratch.

We had the talk AGAIN about time management.  He thinks I don't see where I waste my time and that I could use that wasted time getting my To Do list done.  We have had this talk over and over again.  I am a card carrying procrastinator married to the king of procrastination.

Around the same time I found out a Friend just competed in a bikini fitness competition.  We haven't been in touch so I was amazed to find out what she did.  She was never super heavy at 5'1" but I think she dropped maybe 30 pounds and really toned up her body.  She was down to about 108 at the time of the competition.  Come to find out she also wrote a blog about her journey.  Point is - In her blog she mentioned how she consciously pulled back from play dates and mom's night out, one mostly because of the food and two, the time.  She is a dedicated and serious person.  This made me wonder about where I dedicate myself and where I need to spend my energy.

Over the next week I am going to examine where I waste spend my time.  In the meantime I have been trying to focus on getting 3 things done completely.  It worked a few times but not every time.  One day my 3 was - exercise, blog write, clean master bath.  I finished each one within that day among the 5000 partial things I did.  I have been feeling better, although I think getting back into regular exercise is the #1 reason.


  1. I'll be interested in how the time management goes - I'm a super busy person but don't seem to get enough done, ever. My house is pigsty, the laundry is either in the clean basket or the hamper, and I always feel "behind" and crave to be organized.
    But - like so many things in my life - making that move to make the actual change seems overwhelming.

  2. Lynne - you might like to read my friends post about how her choice to chage some things was here. I put a link above, but here it is.