Friday, November 12, 2010

An Answer?

Today was my last day of a 4 week boot camp.  Today we did a quick workout - warm up, tabata, hurricanes, and a second tabata for total of 30 min then the trainer bought us all Starbucks.  The hurricanes were "fun".  They consisted of 10s sprints with 30s return / recovery for 11 rounds.  I hate running but I don't mind sprints.  I think it is the soccer player in me.  Soccer is all about sprinting. 

Overall opinions about the boot camp are so so.  I am exhilarated to get back into a regular exercise program. My shaped changed but not my weight.  I feel great and much happier.  The class level was actually easy.  There was too much down / explanation time between exercises.  I didn't sweat much or feel a super high level of exertion.  I tried to push myself as much as possible at 5:30 in the morning.  My friend had similar feelings about the level of the class.

At Starbucks I had a nice discussion with the trainer.  We talked about the class, exercise and weight loss.  Loved the conversation.  I mentioned my frustration with the work out and drop no weight issue I have.  His answer was that it is a temporary issue.  It has to do with the whole building muscle and it weighs more than fat.  But there is more.  While you are building the muscles your body retains more water to feed the growing muscles.  That is why it is temporary.

Glad to hear a logical explanation.


  1. Wow, Amy, that IS good to know! Next time I will most definitely NOT get as discouraged when I know I've been working out and the scale doesn't budge. I knew about the muscle weighs more than fat thing, but I didn't know about the body retaining water to feed the growing muscles. THANKS for sharing!

  2. I think the scale is very fickle and trust the other signs that we are on track. Having your shape change is awesome!

  3. Yup, it's the non-scale changes that I think are most important. Though, it really is nice to see drops in weight, right?