Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 11/30/10

Weight = 193.4
Loss = +2.4

I am sitting here and my head is screaming, don't write this post.  You weight is way up.  Pretend you forgot to weigh yourself.  No one will know any better except yourself.  Bad idea.  I am here admitting my weight is going not well.

I know next week will be better.  Whether or not if it is a valid excuse but Mother nature came in yesterday and is still kicking my butt.  Deep down I don't think it is a valid excuse, not sure though.  But hormones do play a huge role in my issues.  PCOS and hormones are the bane of my existence.  Maybe when I reach a lower weight the impact will be less but right now It kicks my butt.  Problem is now with a lower weight, my medicine and food under better control, my cycle went from being erratic (60+ days) to super regular (28 days).  It still lasts 5 days and the first 2 to 3 are insane.  Sorry this is TMI, but this is where I am NOW.

My cold is lingering and the super dry cold windy weather is not helping.  Every morning I wake up feeling like crap with a sore throat.  I am fine later in the day only to repeat the next morning.

Tomorrow I will do my inches, etc.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Spending Spree

I We have $200 to spend on fitness equipment.

My husband has a voluntary fitness program thru work.  If you complete the year long program you get $200 to spend on fitness something.

We have been contemplating where we should spend the money.  Hubby only wants to spend the $200, no more, too many bills right now.

Some ideas
  • Gym membership for me only.  I can use the sitting service and take group exercise classes like Zumba or Spinning.  There is also an indoor pool there.
  • Kettlebells.  My hubby read that Kettlebells are great cardio so this was his suggestion.  My Bikini friend used Kettlebells to transform her body.  There is an excellent local instructor that she works with.  I suggested we take a class together before we make a decision.  I am planning a date night for Thursday.
  • Olympic Bar and weights - We bought an Olympic weight bench a few years ago but no weights or bar.
  • Digital Monitor - What?  Either a heart rate monitor or a total calorie monitor like the Body Bugg.  This would blow the $200 budget for sure.
  • Group Classes for me - Either more yoga classes, a new boot camp, or a pass to the kettlebell class.
Any other ideas?  Where would you spend the $200.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dr Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

Back on the horse today - sort of.

Last weekend I came down with a cold and I let it take over my life.  We also went out of town Tue to Friday.  I still felt sick up until today.  I think the cold became a sinus infection.  When I get sick, all bets are off.  I don't like that I do that.  I want to be the person where exercise is second nature.  I love to exercise, I love when I do it often but I let life (colds, etc) derailed me too easily. 

I forced myself to get on the treadmill today.  Dusted that bad boy off.  It was great.  I did a hill walk for 30 min and watched an episode of Hung.  Luckily the toddler cooperated with a long nap.

That was the good part of my day.  On to the bad part.

I binged.  Plain and simple.  I ate late in the morning.  2 eggs and 2 slices of rye - ok there.  I cleaned, lanudry, kids, etc and skipped lunch.  Decided I will grab something before going to market at 3pm - bad idea, should have eaten at home and earlier.  Bring on a cheese steak.  Then I get to the market with toddler in tow.  I eyeball a monster sized red velvet cupcake.  I contemplate and decide NO.  Move on to the ice cream - NO again but I decided I was going for the Fig Newtons.  I had a craving a few weeks ago but I skipped it.  Not today.  I bought a pack and ate at least 10 in the store and probably about 5 more on the way home.  I was so full that I didn't eat dinner.  It's 9:30 pm and I still feel bloaty and full. 

Was I self sabatoging?  My weight was up this am from lack of exercise and poor food choices on our trip.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 11/23/10

Weight = 191.0
Loss = -1.0

Weighed in on Tuesday, unable to blog until today.  We drove 350 miles to Nana's house.  Baby also a super rough night of sleep.  He always does on the first night we travel anywhere.  I am not surprised that the scale is playing games with me.  I know I will hit the 180's soon.  So close I can smell it.  Maybe not next week since - you ladies know why.

I haven't exercised since Thursday.  Partly because of the cold I got and then a 1000 other excuses.  I will get back on the horse tomorrow.  I am not a big Thanksgiving eater.  Gravy - blah, mashed potatoes - blah, turkey - cold in a sammie the next day - YUM.  Today I have been overeating - admittedly.  I am at my mom's house - the land of temptation.

Happy Thanksgiving  - I am very thankful for this blog, my readers and the other brave souls (bloggers) who put their stories out there too to help motivate and help me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Come on What's 2-Tenths Worth

The scale (unofficial) today read 190.0. 

Seriously, it couldn't give me a 2 tenths dip into the 180's.  Really.  I tried 4 times.  Never once have I seen a 18X on the scale.  Why is this such a block for me.

Good news is that 190.0 is less that my hubby's weight from last week of 190.4.  Never have I been lower than him. 

Maybe my official (Tuesday) weight will be in the 180's.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Equation I Struggle With

ME + Social Event = FOOD

Why is it that all social events revolve around food?  My Friend wrote here about how she pulled away from social situations partly because of the food.  This got me to thinking, searching.  I am a social person and I want to be out there with the people.  Not always around the little penises people that run my life.  Buy why does every social event I can think of mostly involved food in some form or other?

Sure there is the CHOICE to avoid the food at an event but let's be realistic.  How often is that really going to happen without your own internal struggle or external pressures. 

I don't avoid social events.  In the past 11 month of blogging I have used social events as a teaching moment.  Sometimes I succeed as seen here or here.  Other times, not so much like here and here.

Help!!!! - Let's brainstorm social events, things to do that don't involve food.  Most of the things I can think of are outdoors so maybe someone from a snowy state might have some better ideas.

Socializing without food
Going out for coffee (only) - but I don't drink the stuff
Clothes shopping but pack your lunch or find a healthy alternative
Scrapbooking - with only healthy snacks
Bunco with healthy food (or no food)
Bowling without all the crappy food
Movie - pack a snack and bring water bottle

Most of the ideas I can think of are one on one or small group events.  What about bigger groups?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Eyes Down

The other day I sweated in a Kick Fit class.  It is a combo cardio, bag boxing and strength training class.  The class is at small Karate Do Jo.  I was the only one there.

Here is what I noticed.  In the class we face a wall of mirrors.  I don't like to look at myself while exercising.  I look at the ground or the instructor.  I forced myself a few times to look up.  Weird thing is that I am not modest.  I walk around buck naked at home in front of a ton of mirrors.  I even look at and move around the jiggly parts, in observation not criticism.  But ... for some reason I don't like seeing myself exercising.  Or maybe I don't like seeing myself next to the super fit instructor.  When I look in the mirror I loose focus and I get critical.

Do you like exercising in front of a mirror?

Have to say I love hitting and kicking the bag.  Nice!!!

P.S.  I have a cold combined with a sick baby = no sleep.  I missed exercise Fri and Sat.  Not even sure if I can pull it off on Sun.  Feeling sick and exercising don't compute yet.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Detailed Answer

Here is a more detailed answer from here.

My question to a well educated Trainer
Could you give me an explanation as to why when you start a boot camp like exercise problem you potentially loose no weight.  Assuming you have a ton of weight to loose (50 or more) and your diet remains the same.  I loose inches and tone up but many times my weight doesn’t change.  I know many other people who would like to understand this too.

His answer

First of all, there are LOTS of variables that go into this.  One of the primary ones is that when you start working out, one of the initial responses of the body is to start storing more glycogen in the muscles (glycogen is the storage form of glucose in the muscles so basically we're talking about storing more fuel now that you're working out).  Well, for every one gram of glycogen stored, the body also stores 3 grams of water.  So immediately one starts gaining water weight.  That's why one may "feel" more tone and even have clothes fit better but the scale does not change (much).

That said, if one is truly in a caloric deficit, weight loss should happen.  If it's not happening, we need to take a closer look at your nutrition.  If everything is truly fine there, then seeing a MD (endocrinologist) might be in order.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 11/16/10

Weight = 192.0
Loss = -2.2

Right now, I don't consider anything a true loss untill I go below 190.0 (hit on 9/14).  Happy to see things finally going in the right direction.  But, I expect more.  I have been spot on with the food and exercise.  Been waiting to see the whoo hoo moment on the scale. 

Maybe I need to work on the food more.  Examine what I am really eating.  I know I am missing veggies and fruit.  Need to eat more of those.  I have been having bread with breakfast and lunch (no more than 30g total carbs).

For exercise - Boot camp is over.  I decdied I am going to focus on the cardio and then do a Boot Camp style (muscle work) class no more than twice a week.  I will also make sure fit in one Yoga class a week.

I have revised my  HOT 100 weight goal.  I would have to loose a solid 3 pounds every week without fail to reach 174.  I am not sure I have it in me to do that.  It's not a cop out, I am trying to be realistic.  My body (the whole kabooble) has never made such a high and consistent weight loss.  I think 186 is a great number for me.  That is about 1 pound a week from today on.  186 will get me solidily in the 180's (finally) and give me a good start to 2011.

Hot 100 goals
1.  186.0 by 12/31/10
2.  lower waist meansurement from 48 to 44 inches.  I will take new meansurement in the begining of December.
3.  Water 72oz - honestly I can't stand it if I drink less than this.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Time Management Part 1

As part of the process of working my time management I am going to review the things I do.  Hopefully this will help me find areas that need improvement.  I hope this doesn't bore my readers too much.  I thought of doing this on paper but I consider my blog as my personal (although public) journal.  What better place then here.  Maybe someone has some insight that can help me or maybe my brainstorm helps someone else.

This first part is the things I do inside my home on top of all the regular stuff like - kids, homework, cleaning, laundry, garden, weeds, food, etc, etc.

I can't begin to describe how much this blog has helped me.  I can't give this one up.  I used to write my posts while watching TV, sometimes to my husbands annoyance.  But the laptop busted and we are down to the 2003 dinosaur I am on now.  We will be getting a new faster computer soon, so this may speed thing up.

Reading and commenting on other blogs
I love reading about other people's journeys and some mommy blogs.  It is a source of entertainment (like Facebook).  Bonds have been formed with fellow bloggers.  Again the slow computer doesn't help here.  I streamlined my blog reading by using the Google reader and quickly scrolling thru but I can't find a quick way to make comments on posts.  I have to find the blog, open it up, get to the post and then comment.  If someone knows a quicker way, please tell me.  I haven't been commenting much because it takes way too long.

Oh FB how I love and hate you.  This is why I don't touch Twitter.  I don't need another computer thing in my life.  I don't play any of the games.  I browse the status updates and pictures.  As a stay at home mom I love the link to the outside world.  I love seeing tid bits of the the lives of the people around me.  Feeds the Mrs. Kravits in me.  I have re-connected and stayed connected with so many in my life thanks to Facebook.  Many of whom I want to continue to be connected with.  I know it is a huge time sink because I do read all the new updates.  I am compelled to read and look at pictures to completion.  Don't want to miss anything.

I tired to limit myself to checking 2 times a day.  Doesn't always work.  Possible solutions - 100% eliminate, only update with kids pics (for family) and don't look at others, or "hide" less important people's posts to clean it up and read only once a day.  What is best?

Hubby thinks I spend to much time but I disagree.  Yes I quickly cheek and read anything necessary but I hardly ever send emails.  I never send jokes, junk, you house will explode if you don't forward this.  I maintain the family calendar with Outlook.  Without this I would be dead in the water.  Many of the families activities are thru email  - soccer, Boy Scouts, party invites, play dates, etc.  I could limit myself to checking maybe twice or once a day here?

This is a sticky one.  My bikini competition friend almost never has the TV on in her house.  Even with 2 kids under 7, no TV.  Only on super rare occasions.  My household couldn't be more opposite.  I do have some standards - No TV in bedrooms, no TV before school but that's about it.  I only watch TV that has been recorded on my DVR.  I would go insane if I had to wait for a commercial.  But I love TV.    On a fairly active day I may watch 1 to 2 hours.  On a lazy, no plans, not leaving house day, much more.  I don't snack with TV so food is not an issue.  I usually do something else while watching - folding clothes, To Do lists, purging mail, dusting, snuggling, etc.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Asking for Help - Update

Here is an update on my post about asking for help.

Hubby said hell no on getting a cleaner twice or even once a month.  Around here a twice a month house cleaner can run about $75-95 dollars per visit.  There is many reasons for his no.  Property taxes are coming up, yearly car insurance, yearly homeowner insurance, etc - oh, and they are all due in December of all months.  We also need to completely demo and re-do 2 bathrooms.  This is not a want and we have no idea where the cash will come from.  Both are leaking and the repair isn't easy, plus both bathrooms are original (25 years plus).

He said the typical "I will help out more with the cleaning".  He is a wonderful husband but seriously we all know how that goes.  It is easier just to do it yourself.  Plus his To Do list is equally as long as mine.  He does everything himself.  In fact he just finished (not 100% done) building his own cabinets in the garage from scratch.

We had the talk AGAIN about time management.  He thinks I don't see where I waste my time and that I could use that wasted time getting my To Do list done.  We have had this talk over and over again.  I am a card carrying procrastinator married to the king of procrastination.

Around the same time I found out a Friend just competed in a bikini fitness competition.  We haven't been in touch so I was amazed to find out what she did.  She was never super heavy at 5'1" but I think she dropped maybe 30 pounds and really toned up her body.  She was down to about 108 at the time of the competition.  Come to find out she also wrote a blog about her journey.  Point is - In her blog she mentioned how she consciously pulled back from play dates and mom's night out, one mostly because of the food and two, the time.  She is a dedicated and serious person.  This made me wonder about where I dedicate myself and where I need to spend my energy.

Over the next week I am going to examine where I waste spend my time.  In the meantime I have been trying to focus on getting 3 things done completely.  It worked a few times but not every time.  One day my 3 was - exercise, blog write, clean master bath.  I finished each one within that day among the 5000 partial things I did.  I have been feeling better, although I think getting back into regular exercise is the #1 reason.

Friday, November 12, 2010

An Answer?

Today was my last day of a 4 week boot camp.  Today we did a quick workout - warm up, tabata, hurricanes, and a second tabata for total of 30 min then the trainer bought us all Starbucks.  The hurricanes were "fun".  They consisted of 10s sprints with 30s return / recovery for 11 rounds.  I hate running but I don't mind sprints.  I think it is the soccer player in me.  Soccer is all about sprinting. 

Overall opinions about the boot camp are so so.  I am exhilarated to get back into a regular exercise program. My shaped changed but not my weight.  I feel great and much happier.  The class level was actually easy.  There was too much down / explanation time between exercises.  I didn't sweat much or feel a super high level of exertion.  I tried to push myself as much as possible at 5:30 in the morning.  My friend had similar feelings about the level of the class.

At Starbucks I had a nice discussion with the trainer.  We talked about the class, exercise and weight loss.  Loved the conversation.  I mentioned my frustration with the work out and drop no weight issue I have.  His answer was that it is a temporary issue.  It has to do with the whole building muscle and it weighs more than fat.  But there is more.  While you are building the muscles your body retains more water to feed the growing muscles.  That is why it is temporary.

Glad to hear a logical explanation.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meal Planning

I never intended to put ads on my blog.  Not that I have enough readers.  My blog is not about that.  Although, I have to admit, getting $ is always nice.  I have never been sponsored or received fitness items to try out.  That would be nice too.  Anyways, I really want to tell you about this website.

For the past couple weeks I have been using E-Mealz to plan my dinners.  I was referred to it by several other moms.  Seriously, it is awesome.  There is several plans - Points, regular family, low fat, low carb, etc.  I choose Low Carb for 2.  With my plan I get 5 dinner recipes for the week.  The first page is the menu with the simple recipe and the second page is my detailed shopping list.


Ultimately the idea is that you will save money with the food planning.  In fact some of the menu plans choose items that are on sale at your particular market for the week.  I am trying for a different reason.  I am tired of trying to come up with new (low-carb) ideas. I need something simple and quick.  So far, the E-Mealz has been awesome.  I did very little adjusting.  I eliminated one meal, a crab bake, not interested.  You pay a very small monthly fee for the service.

If you join up here is a hint - you can save the menus as a PDF on your computer for future meal planning.

I am so pleased with this system that I added a link on my sidebar.  Technically not an Ad but still.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 11/9/10

Weight = 194.2
Loss = Why bother *

So I finally starting to feel more myself.  2 weeks ago I had my colonscopy.  I detailed the food and other issues here.  The first few days seemed normal then I got hit with my monthly visitor.  That kicked my butt for almost the whole week.  It is hard to describe why I didn't feel like myself but there was a few crazy things going on.  I was bloated.  My stomach has been sticking out.  I could tell with my clothes, etc.  I wasn't in pain, just not right.  TMI but I was also gassy and I haven't been that way in months. I gained 5 pound super quick *.  I have never had such a big out of control gain, no matter how crappy I ate.  Now, admittedly my eating has not been in the best shape.

Exercise - GREAT
Last week I went to boot camp 4 days and even did an extra mile on Friday's boot camp.  Sunday I did a ton of walking.  Today was the beginning of my 4th week of boot camp.  This made me start to wonder.  Was the weight gain from all the exercise (muscle gain).  I have been told I am thinning (my shape) but how can that be possible when I feel bloated and gained 5 pounds.  That is my frustration with my body.  Has happened before.  I exercise, lose no weight but my shape quickly improves, enough for people to notice.

For the next few days I am simply going to work on not cheating.  For me that means, no deserts, no candy, keep the bread carbs below 30g, eat fruit, lower carbs at dinner, no overeating.  After that I will have a few lower carbs days, no bread or pasta, more veggies, etc.  A system clean out, sort of.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Sticky Conversation

Last night a friend and I went scrapbooking.  The house we go to serves a nice dinner.  We arrived on time.  Usually dinner is served about an hour into the night.  So my friend said she was starving and was hovering in the kitchen waiting for the chips and dip to be put out.

Friend:  I am starving but I had a sandwich at 1pm, I shouldn't be this hungry.
Me:  What kind of sandwich?
F:  A PB and J and I had 2 slices of toast for breakfast, alot of carbs!
Me:  Yeah! Almost no protein and not that much quantity overall.
F:  Peanut Butter is protein!
Me:  Yeah but when you eat you PB & J is in hard to talk?  Do you lay it on thick?
F:  No, I spread it thin
Me:  PB is great, when I eat an apple and PB I eat like 2 tbsp or more.  The protein isn't too high, but real PB is yummy
F:  I use skippy
Me: "sigh"
Me:  Natural PB is so much better for you.  Skippy does have a "more natural" PB you could try.

I was raised on natural PB so I understand the difference of being raised on skippy like PB.  I can see it being hard to make a switch.  I also thought the natural stuff would be higher in protein.  So this made me curious about the true difference in natural PB versus the skippys out there.  I know the number one difference is whole unprocessed versus over processed.  Let's look at the numbers and ingredients:

TJ's Creamy salted
2 tbsp, 190 cal, 16g fat, 7g carbs, 8g protein
dry roasted peanuts, salt

2 tbsp, 190 cal, 16g fat, 7g carbs, 7g protein
Roasted peanuts, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, salt

Skippy Natural
2 tbsp, 180 cal, 17g fat, 6g carbs, 7g protein
Roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil, salt

So the only difference is the added sugar and oil = over processed.  The protein is basically the same but neither are very high in protein.  The calories are high and would be even higher (nearly 500) to get a meal portion of protein ( about 16g).  For a snack, 8 g of protein is good as long as the other portion of your snack isn't to high in carbs (15g or less).  At least this is the way I roll, every diet is as different as every person out there. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Paying it Forward

So I watch the Biggest Looser.  I know, kill me now but hey it is the only reality TV I watch.  I record it so I can watch the 2 hours in like 30 min.  This season is about "Paying it Forward".  This past week a kicked off contestant talked about how he payed it forward.  Even though he wasn't at goal yet he still put himself out there to help others.

I enjoy discussing weight loss and health.  Hell, I wouldn't mind even debating it with someone because I am 100% aware I DO NOT have all the answers.  BUT ....  It's like talking about politics.  No one wants to talk about it or even hear it.  It is such a personal issue for everyone.

I would love to pay it forward.  Love to talk about what I have learned and am still learning to this day.  There is even a particular person in my circle of life I would love to help.  So much so that I am considering reaching out to this person.  Is this a good idea?

I know my blog is one way to reach out but it is one sided.  It doesn's allow for an open dialog.

Do you have the desire to "Pay it Forward", no matter where you are in your journey?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 11/2/10

Weight = 194.4
Loss = +3.2

Ouch.  I said it was going to be bad and it is.  I feel the gain all over me.  No more.  I will barrel thru that dam 190 barrier.  I have no excuses and I 100% know the reason for my gain.

HOT 100
I am beginning to wonder if I have (yet again) screwed myself out of reaching a weight goal.  It will be hard to hit 174 but the end of the year.  I will have to consistently loose just over 2 pounds a week until then.  I have to sit down on ponder what I want to do with this goal and how will I get there.

I did a quick measurement on my waist.  My last measurement was 48 inches (9/10).  I checked today, it was 45.5.  I am only 1.5 inches from my HOT 100 goal of 44 inches.  So, part of me says that can't be a correct measurement.  Especially considering my weight right now.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Party Recap

Party 1-Saturday
Beforehand my food was:  Tea, oolong tea, lots of water. my oatmeal, small portion of steak an mushrooms, about 6 Ritz crackers, tortilla chips and bean dip (I had to try what I was bringing).  I did 40 interrupted min on the treadmill and cleaned my house like a madwomen.

The party was great and FULL of potluck food.  For the first few hours I was solo with the Tornado (19 months).  There was a ton of kids and lots of open doors.  So it was difficult to eat or stay in one place for that matter.  2 cocktails were in order - a root beer float martini and a rum and coke.  I could have had more but it was just making me sleepy.  I sampled different foods.  My biggest accomplishment are 2 things - one I didn't overeat, never felt stuffed and two - I avoided the cupcakes.  I thought about eating a cupcake.  I wanted to eat a cupcake.  But I decided I had enough food and it wasn't worth a trigger.  One cupcake usually equal 4 for me.

Party 2 - Sunday
I did ok really bad.  I ate way more carbs that I needed to.  The whole day was off since hubby and I went to bed at like 3am the night before.  I barley ate most of the day.  Had a bagel late in the afternoon and then went to the party.  My fun monthly visitor came last night so will power decided to take a hike.  Later in the evening, I was kid and hubby free - they were all sleeping - so I went to a girlfriend's for some girl talk and a ton of whine wine.

My weight is way up.  Tuesday won't be pretty on the scale.   I feel like crapola today.