Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 10/26/10

Weight = 191.2
Loss = -1.0

I am not putting a ton of stock in today's weight.  With all the "cleaning" out and all liquids diet I did yesterday I expected the number to be 18X but I guess not.  It's fine.  It's all the white bread I ate.  A bit TMI but the white (processed) food affected me.  I was bloated and let say "noisy".

To reach my Hot 100 weight goal of 174 I have to drop 2 pounds every week.  That is a tall order for me.  I am a snail pace looser.  I have to plan in order to do this.  I can't do it by the seat of my pants.  I will have to enlist my hubby's help too.  I will need his help with the kids so I can exercise more often.

My couch is calling me.  The "cleaning" out is still in effect.  My procedure is in 3 hours.  When I am recovered, this car is going in drive.  I am not sure what I can eat today but I really desire some comfort food.  I want to make my Mom's mac and cheese.

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  1. I'm roughly the same weight as you - I can't hardly wait to see a 1-EIGHT-anything on the scale right now - but don't want to rush it only to see 19x again the next day...Good luck to you!! I'm excited to see you make your goal!