Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 10/19/10

Weight = 192.2
Loss = + 1.2

This is one of those weeks all dieters weigh loss hopefuls despise.  A week where the scale doesn't reflect what you think.  I came back from a long trip down over a pound, to my amazement.  Since Wed my food intake was about 90% on track.  I had one heavy lunch and Fondue one night.  There was no exercise but a lot of TV catch up.  I step on the scale often to check progress.  Sunday am things were great, I was just a tad over 190.  I had a feeling I would finally dip into the 180's.  My food was great and lots of water, all day.  Mon am = + a pound.  Today = even more. 

I really though I was on the right track, with the lack of exercise exception.  I realise now what the big difference between last week (trip) and this week.  Activity.  On our trip we were constantly on the go.  walking, lugging kids, lugging crap, stairs, etc.  Wasn't formal exercise but I think it made a big difference.  Today I started a 4 week Boot Camp so I think things will kick back in gear.

HOT 100 Update
Goal of 174 - I will have to kick it into high gear to give this goal some momentum.

Waist - Boot camp will help and I will do some focused work here.  If when I reach goal #1, this number should be no problem.

Water - 72 oz - with the cooler temps, this one becomes a problem.  I forget to drink.


  1. You don't have to answer this, but have you considered if you are at that point in your cycle? I know that makes a difference for me. I completely relate about getting enough water when it's cold. I pretty much turn into a camel. You've got a plan and I predict that next week's weigh in will be a big drop for you. Alesha

  2. Sounds frustrating. I have really tried to not let the scale bother me like it has so often in the past. From other bloggers, I learned to focus on what I can control, how I eat or exercise, and not what I can't control, the darn scale. But I sure hate to see it moving in the wrong direction even if I know I am doing everything right!