Saturday, October 9, 2010

Job Evaluation

I wanted to blog about my failures at my job.  I wanted to rant and rave how I suck.  I have been in a bit of a negative cloud about my job ever since my baby (#2) starting walking 9 months ago.  Now that he is a full blown toddler I am struggle even more.  Three years ago I went from a chemistry degree holding professional in the pharmaceutical industry to a 100% stay at home momma.

But ....

Time to turn the frown upside down.  Focus on the positive.  My job description.  No really this is just a blurb of a lengthy "resume" for a stay at home mom.  I thought is was cute.
Volunteer position requiring intense training in child development, early childhood behavior, and interpersonal/intergenerational group dynamics. The position also requires advanced training in alternative dispute resolution, and excellent communication skills. There is a strong emphasis on time management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tracking inventory, procurement, and cost reduction. I am required to with no supervision or guidance, to make quick, crucial and often unprecedented decisions regarding Organization Policy, to effectively guide the Organization in the most profitable direction, to set and meet my own deadlines, and to successfully foresee, and plan for, possible contingencies which may effect the overall direction and health of the Organization.
I can be at school drop off and pick up.  I can hug every ache and pain.  I can experience everything my toddler does because I am always present.  With the exception of my hubby I am the soul that cares for my kids.  I read to my son every night.  I have a car to drive and a house to park it at.  I get to choose how my family eats and what is in my house.

I get to see every giggle, smile and tear from my toddler.

I am free to take care of a sick kid without the pressures of work.  I am free to change my schedule at anytime I want.  I am free to eat bon bons on the couch and watch Oprah.  As if that happens.

Side note:  I have no intention of getting into the mommy wars about being at home vs. working.  The intent is purely to help me focus on the positive I am doing instead of the negativity going on in my head.


  1. Being a mom is the best and at times worst job in the world:) Regardless of what else we do outside of mommyhood. They don't call it the most Noble Profession for nothing! I wish that blogs and the internet were around when my kids were little; it would have been nice to have the interaction, even in cyberspace, with other moms.

  2. Very nice. You'll get no arguement from me!

    Polar's Mom

  3. I like it - as frustrating as it must be at times, I'm not sure it's any more frustrating than the moms that go out to work and the regrets and struggles they have. I don't think there is an ideal solution, but I love your attitude on looking at the half full side of your glass!