Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010 Pictures - Sort Of

Yesterday I posted my heaviest pictures.  I went thru all the summer pictures today and I found a total of 6 pictures of me out of 450, three of which I took holding the camera at arm's length.  I will be asking hubby to take more pictures.  I will have more after this next trip.  I can't believe how few I am in.  Here is a small college of my most recent.  I am about 5 pounds less than these pics.  I will be taking my progress pics hopefully today, I asked my neighbor to help.

I wanted to take out the 2 body shots of me in the pink shirt.  I think I still look lumpy, humpty dumpty.  The shirt is not flattering.  I am in the 190's, so there is fluff and stuff still around but still, hate to see it in pictures.  Is there a difference?

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Amy! Huge changes! Just check out your jawline and your neck for starters!!! Most of your pics weren't full body, so I can't point out every part of you, but... seriously. You are looking great!

    I completely get the whole not-being-in-pictures thing. I have the same problem. Being the photographer... not much mama representation!