Thursday, September 30, 2010

Would you Like an Apple Dearie?

I updated my measurements yesterday.  Mainly for my Hot 100 goal of dropping 4 inches off my waist.  There wasn't too big of a change from my last numbers.  I lost 7 more inches.  I won't bore you will the details right now, next time.  I measure many areas so there is more chance for loss.  The problem is I drop inches in places I don't need too.  I dropped over an inch off of both upper (meaty) thighs.  I have bird legs already, I need to drop in the tummy & chest.  My well informed fitness friend (my UPT) said we drop inches from the place we DON'T need to first and the in our trouble places.  GRRRRRR !!!!!!

Upper Waist* = 44.5 inches
Lower Waist* = 48.0 inches

* upper waist is 1 inch above my belly button where my natural waist is.  Lower waist is 2 inches below my button and is my widest part because it includes my love handles, my hips are smaller. 

I have a classic apple shape with no hips.  In fact my hips are about 1 inch smaller than my lower (love handle) waist.  This is where I truly want to drop the inches since it is my widest part.  I know my appearance will vastly improve the more I drop there.

HOT 100 goal is 44 inches on lower waist.

Technically it not my waist but I really need to drop there.


  1. Keep eating right and those inches will take care of themselves!!

    Polar's Mom

  2. I agree with Polar's Mom...just eat right and exercise--everything else will take care of itself.

  3. I feel your pain there. My waist will not leave me. I have lost inches everywhere but that darn belly is stubburn and it makes me so mad. I figure that it has to go at some point. The more weight I lose the more I see that my belly is just takes time. Good luck!

    I was sent via that Hot 100