Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 9/28/10

Weight = 191.8
Loss = -1.0

Am I suffering a mental block of getting to the 180's?  Not to mention I am 3 pounds away from weighing less that hubby, a first.  I had the same problem when I hit the 199 / 200 mark.

Twice I was less than a pound away from hitting the 180's.  Hell, Monday morning I was 190.8.  So you ask, why a plus pound the next day.  Well I faltered.  AKA screwed up on Monday.  Bagel with butter (no protein there), Tuna salad and rice cakes (ok), cookie dough *, heavy chicken enchilada at 9pm.  * I was craving cookie dough.  I went so far as to borrow an egg from my neighbor to make it.  I didn't bake the dough since it was too fricking hot (110).  I am a self saboteur without a fix.  I don't know why I do this.  Do I need outside help to fix this problem? 

The 180's is brand new territory.  In the past 15 years I don't remember ever being below 190.  I have never been less that my hubby.

My exercise has been inconsistent crappy.  For posterity of my HOT 100 goals, I will post my inches tommorow.


  1. Bagels and cookie dough - two of my favs. Sigh. I don't know why I do it either.

  2. But look at you now... It took a couple of tries to break through mentally when you went below 200... and you have not looked back! It will be the same way here too. So there are a few things that haven't been perfect. Perfect is not a requirement. Just steady recommitment. And you are doing that. Gosh, isn't it good you can still have a plan? I mean, if you were being PERFECT and weren't making progress... now THAT would be a bummer! :) Alesha

  3. Amy, I just founf your blog through Steve's. I'm glad to see you're in the HOT 100. And so sorry that I haven't stumbled upon your blog the ENTIRE year! Sheesh!

    Grats on the pound loss. Two more weeks of that and you'll be in the 180's. And that's amazing! Once you get to the 180's, too, I think you should memorialize that with a progress pic.

    And don't worry about the progress--I have been stuck in the 220's for like 5 months...it's a journey, not a sprint!

  4. Not a sprint for sure. I am the turle, not the hare.

    I need to take pics but I keep on forgetting to enlist hubby help

  5. May be a little hiccup, but when the desire to be in the 180's builds up enough to drive you crazy, cookie dough won't even be a thought in your mind... Hang tight, you'll come around, and after all you didn't eat it so...

    Polar's Mom

  6. Grats on the loss! Remember, even small victories are still victories!

  7. I definitely had to move through a mental block when I broke through what I considered as my red line: I had to break through it several times before it started feeling "REAL" to weigh below that. Soon I will be back below that line and this time, I'm READY! Good luck and keep going, Amy!