Monday, September 20, 2010

Triathlon on 10/3

I made a decision.  It was hard.

The other day my triathlon buddy called me.  She wanted me to really think about the race.  She was worried I might injure myself with the adrenaline rush of the race.  She also mentioned that I haven't been able to train as much.  Last year she trained for 12 weeks.  I haven't done any stacked training.  Like a run and bike, back to back.  She was worried about my endurance level.

I know I could finish it within my time.  My biggest hurdle is that I will getting on a plane for an East Coast trip with my family less than 48 hours after the tri.  What if I am so sore I can move very well?  What kind of vacation mood will I be in.  What if the adrenaline rush of the race causes me to injure myself.  I really haven't trained like I should have been doing for the last 2 months.  I haven't run more than 1 mile.  I can walk much more but not run.

All this considered I decided to skip the triathlon this year.  There is always next year.  I am out $90 but that is worth the price of my first time to New York City.  Yes, I am partially bummed but satisfied with my decision.


  1. I think you made a good decision for now - there is always next year and in the meantime, there are plenty of smaller events to keep you motivated! Let me know if you want to do any of the 5K's or 10K's coming up! I'd love to train with you and do them together! The first is on October 23rd!

  2. That was a good choice, Amy. You made the right decision, I think.