Monday, September 6, 2010

Triathlon Goal

Triathlon in T-minus 28 days. 

I am on a roller coaster of emotions.  Sometimes I think the triathlon will be fine, I will do ok, I will survive.  Other times I freak out big time.

I reviewed last years total times.  The highest time in my category Women age 35-39 was 2:07:38.  They don't have a course max.  I called, they won't kick anyone off but you have to be running by 9:30 am because the bike roads have to open.  The swim is at 6:35 am.  I think I can finish the swim and a 15K bike long before that.  I hope!

I have been only partially training but not seriously.  I also haven't been running at all for many reasons.  I will be kicking into high gear the next 4 weeks. 

My goal for total time is 2 hours and 15 min.

I know I am not shooting for the moon but I want to be reasonable.  This is my first time.  It is a completely mystery to me on how I will do.  The only thing I have timed was my 500 m swim.  I am still FAT.  My training has been blah.  Who knows maybe I will smoke my goal.  I really don't know.

More info on the Tri is here.


  1. You WILL be fine. And having that race high will really make it a great experience. You will be surprised at how well you do. You are a swimmer, you have been really great getting in shape, and you will find that there are a lot of people who will have trained a lot less than you. You will have a gerat time and I'm excited for you! Alesha