Saturday, September 25, 2010

The mirror I don't want to look in

Sort of off topic but then again NOT.

Last night hubby and I had it out about taking care of things (house, kids, blah, blah) and priorities (of the To Do list).  After some heat (aka temper) I admitted I am not good at my job and I can't handle it.  If you look over that last few months of posts you can see the reoccurring theme of my frustration.

He wisely said that when I get overwhelmed I shut down and give up.

Oh and then he said .....

"I noticed when you shut down you eat crappy"

Sometimes it sucks having someone who knows you so well and can so precisely put that mirror up to your face and say "here look at this"

Grr - he is 100% correct and that bugs the crap out of me.


  1. That would be my husband, too.
    I'd be more pissed if he weren't right.
    And yet, in spite of my flaws, he still thinks I'm worth keeping. Go figure!

  2. I am the same way, when I stay on top of things and feel like I have everything in my life under control then I eat really good but when things start to pile up then I start taking the easy way out. I guess thats why I'm so OCD, I make lists on top of lists trying to make sure I get things done and I love knowing everything that I'm accomplishing. This is another thing that we have to learn a way to deal with in our weight loss. Just because our life isn't completely perfect all the time doesn't mean that we should put ourselves and our health on the backburner, if anything taking care of ourselves first is going to make us more capable of dealing with everything we need to. Good luck and remember take care of yourself.

  3. It's called emotional eating. :) I think that is one of the keys... not so much whether or not you (or any one of us) can eat well and exercise on a normal basis... It is more how do we react when life gives us curveballs. Which, I don't know about you, but for me seem constant! I can do great on my "PLAN" until the unplanned happens - I get stressed, frusterated, overwhelmed, etc. Then the junk creeps back into my life. Or maybe doesn't creep as much as it flings itself full body slam back in.

  4. Hand waving wildly. I too eat when stressed. Don't ask me about the weekend when my kid was suspended from school. I wish I had a husband who paid enough attention to even know that I occasionally shut down! Sounds like you've got a keeper over there. Maybe planning for shut downs might help. Recognize the feeling and decide before it happens what you are going to do. Good luck in the Hot 100! I found you on Steve's list.