Saturday, September 18, 2010

Land of Blondes, B**bs and Botox

I live in the land of Blondes, Boobs and Botox.  Just think "Real Housewives of OC" and you will get the correct mental picture.  Seriously, their planet (gated community) is a few miles away.  School drop off consists of many women dressed to the nines with full makeup and skinny.  Or they are in their cute workout clothes and still look great.  Workout clothes I can't even imagine affording.  Technically I don't live in this land, I just have to visit it super often, like every time I leave my house.  I do make an effort with my hair but makeup if super rare.

In my SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) journey I have met many many moms. Some of these moms seem to be super “with it” and really have the balance. What balance? They seem to have their fitness and shape under control. They are usually put together even and most times pretty well dressed. The do activities with their kids with ease. They volunteer in different areas.  The house is relatively clean and not in chaos. Dinner is on the table most nights. The have additional outside activities besides the family. The kids get lessons as needed. Like writing or reading. Pretty much everything above I struggle with everyday. Not to mention the guilt associated with it too.

So, on the other hand they some admit to getting only 4 hours of sleep. Is that really in balance?

I brought this feeling up to a wise, formally very heavy friend. She understood what I meant but had this to say “maybe they have pressure to be perfect.”  Either internal or external pressure.  I heard some husbands tell there wives they are fat when then only have maybe 15 extra pounds so. Or they have to have XY and Z done before their husbands get home or they get mad. It helped with understanding the other side of the coin.


I still want to achieve the balance in my own life.  When I am more focused on my weight loss, my other stuff goes to the wayside.  Not just my own personal desires, like scrapbooking.  The bigger stuff, like taking care of the house and giving proper attention to my kids.


  1. I have really lowered my standards for going out in public! My teen usually drives himself to school but one day when his car was in the shop I took him, wearing my pajamas!

  2. Hey... you are blonde and have boobs. You just don't inject poison into your face. In my book that puts you way ahead of the game!

    I do understand about being baffled on how others seem to do it all with such grace and ease. I'm still trying to figure it out.


  3. "grace and ease" well put. Serioulsy I don't get it. Hey, you do fantastic with 3 young boys and a traveling hubby.