Saturday, September 11, 2010

It Stayed in Vegas

Our Vegas trip ended on Thursday.  We had 2 wonderful nights in Vegas with the kids.  It was fun, relaxing and refreshing.  We had some trouble with the baby sleeping but that's not unusual.

The trip included 5 hour car trip with road food and then Vegas food.  I enjoyed half a Fatbuger with Fat Fries.  It was the first time hubby and shared a meal.  He is not a food sharer.  But he is on a weight loss kick to so he decided to share with me, which worked out great for me.  Yum.  I had 2 full breakfasts and an Italian dinner with all the trimmings.  The day we got home I promptly went to a Yoga class.

The best part of the trip was that I DIDN'T GAIN weight.

Bummer part was the plan both hubby and I had to exercise didn't happen.  We both flaked.

I have tons more to talk about, just need to find the time to sit and write it.

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