Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Removed a .....

Holy Hanna Batman I took 42 pounds off my body, 26 this year. I am close to halfway to my goal. Fifty pounds to to go to 140. I might want to lose more but I won't know until then.

I practically removed my 6 year off my body. He is about 44 pounds right now. You know what, he is really heavy to carry.


Last night the fam went out to dinner. I had a gift card for a BBQ joint. The dinner was heavy and included alcohol. I felt very puffy and I sneezed multiple times at the end of dinner. Afterwards we went to the costume shop for the kiddos. I felt like a big tubbo and felt like people were looking at me. I actually looked in the mirror and had to remind myself I wasn't that fat.

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