Saturday, September 4, 2010

August in Review

I am disappointed in my progress.  Heck I don't even want to look back at August.  I am not even going to post my weight change because guess what ..... there is NO CHANGE.  Four weeks of no progress.  Four weeks I wasted on not making any progress.

My August word = LAZY

Ok, so I have having a bit of a pity party party of one around here.

Yes, on the positive side I didn't gain.  I tried some new exercises - Kickboxing and biking with swimming. 

The broken treadmill really messed me up.  I didn't track my exercise or over 2 weeks.  My head wasn't in the game even though I still love where I have gotten.


  1. September - a chance for a new start!!

  2. August was not good for me either. I am just writing off the whole darn summer! But September will be great:)

  3. I second that. I am hoping with the return of routine (school for big kid) that my butt will be in gear.

  4. Are you forgetting that -4.6 on 8/3?? Um, doesn't that count as a big drop for August? So you lost 7 lbs and had a 2.6 gain, making it a 4.4 lb loss for the month, still averaging over a pound a week.

  5. That anonymous was Alesha - forgot to sign.