Thursday, August 12, 2010

What a Difference 2 Days Makes

My body has clearly changed in the past 6 months and even over the past 2 years.  In 6 months I dropped over 20 pounds (slow).  Over 2 years, nearly 40 pounds.  It makes a huge difference on how I look.  Sometimes, I have to be reminded about how much a difference the weight loss has made.  Yes, sometimes I still feel like the much fatter version of my fat self.  I had a weird experience this past weekend.

Day one - Saturday night - An anniversary party with many people I haven't seen in sometime, 6 months to a year or more.  Dressed in the LBD (from Wedding), hair styled (semi rare), eye makeup (rare), jewelry (rare) and heels (rare).  I may have even looked better then I did at the wedding.  The praise and compliments were abundant.  Sometimes many times from the same people.  "you look hot", "just wanted to tell you, your are a really pretty girl", etc.  I took all the compliments graciously with a "thank you" and no negative back talk but I did feel uncomfortable, awkward, etc.

2 days later - Monday - A mini vacation - kids & moms - with friends I haven't seen in 4-8 months.  Dressed in mom wardrobe.  A sundress or shorts & top or bathing suit, hair semi styled, almost no makeup.  Ok, so here is the weird thing.  Not a single one of the ladies mentioned my weight loss.  It's not like I was trolling for the compliments but I really thought it was strange that absolutely nothing was mentioned.

I am a 2 headed monster when it comes to compliments.  I love the affirmation that I have being doing a good job and I do look good.  On the other hand it makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable.  Is it my shyness coming to the forefront?  Am I uncomfortable with the attention from the opposite sex?

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