Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 8/24/10

Weight = 195.6
Loss = -1.4

Things are looking up or should I say they are looking down.  I found a really good chiropractor who specializes in A.R.T (Active Release Techniques) and sports injury & performance.  I went to him for my foot.  We both think I have tendonitis not planar fasciitis.  He did some work on my foot and gave me a list of stretches with icing also.  I am slowing going to work up the impact cardio (running).

Tonight I went to my first Turbo Kick class.  This was a totally new location and new people.  Everyone was super nice and did full intros with handshakes.  There was 5 people total and the instructor, everyone was mostly fit / thin.  So I got a bit miffed during the class.  The instructor was showing me modifications, which is perfectly fine.  Then she was correcting my punches, etc even though the others weren't exactly doing them correctly.  I never saw her correct anyone else on anything.  Ok fine there too.  Then she told me to drink water "especially since this your first class".  So the negative side of me felt uncomfortably isolated and then I didn't like the feeling of "oh the fat girl with no exercise ability".  Well low and behold I did just fine, very little modifications, and even the instructor's husband and another lady commented that I looked like I knew what I was doing.  Damn straight.

OK so I am a bit sensitive.  Sometimes my insecurity rises from the deep depth I locked it in.  Yes, I also get a bit competitive too.

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  1. Good job on the loss. When my mom and I went to the spa in June, she was often looked at and treated similarly because she is older. But she surprised a lot of instructors! I have tried some sort of kickboxing and was way too uncoordinated:(