Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 8/03/2010

Weight  = 194.4
Loss = -4.6

I lost all the vacation weight and then some.  This is the lowest I have been and I am only going lower.  I can't wait to finally hit the 180's.

I am 4.4 pounds away from being the same weight as my husband.  Never ever have I weighed less than him.  What will that be like?  I am excited?  Nervous?

I need to get serious about my Triathlon training.  I am signed up,  $90 out the door and on the list.  It sold out the day after I signed up.  I have 8 weeks.  The running is really the only part I am worried about.  My foot is doing better, mainly because I haven't been doing boot camp or any running.  I will work on getting to the Dr. this week but part of me is scared that they will tell me to do nothing on my foot which won't work out very good with training.

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  1. Check YOU OUT!!!! Congratulations!!!! Alesha