Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just One Letter

I lost 33 inches off my body so why do I still feel the way I do.  Why do I feel puffy?  Why do I feel like humpty dumpty?  Why do I feel fat and yucky?  I don't feel this way all the time but it creeps in pretty often.  I still have a long way to go.  I am still the fat girl.  A fitter version of my fattest self. 

How did I feel 35 pounds and 33 inches ago?  How much worse did I feel?  Was I just in complete denial on how I felt?  Was I so overwhelmed with life that I can dead last in the equation.

I just realized there is one letter difference between FIT and FAT.  It takes a long time to change that A to and I but I will do it.  I am the turtle in this journey.


  1. Well, we all know the turtle wins in the end:) I have often wondered if I will feel "thin" when I am thin.

  2. Aw, Amy. I know what you are going through. Does it help to go back and read where you came from in your early blogs? I read something yesterday that I had never thought of before: Wellness is from the neck up. Fitness is from the neck down. You have been doing such an amazing job with your nutrition and exercise. How do you "treat" your head and heart? I don't know HOW to do that, but it is just as important as your fitness regimine. XOXOXO, Alesha