Thursday, August 5, 2010

July 2010 in Review

Start Weight (6/30) = 197.6
End Weight (8/3) = 194.4
Loss = -3.2

Considering I was away for my home for 13 days on 2 different trips, I did pretty good.  As always there is room for improvement.  I have learned that I thrive on routine despite how much I resist routine.  My goal was to be 190.  I missed it, but I am close and to me I get the cigar.

Exercised 15 of 31 days (51%).  My intentions with my vacation exercise faltered.  I found here that I thrive with group exercise classes as opposed to being self motivated.  Even my UPT (trainer friend) admits as much for her very fit self.  My free pass to boot camp expired and I really think I should continue it, just not sure where the dinero will come from.  Our house has so many big "To Do's" that we are pinching everything right now.

Vast improvement in the area.  Very little junk food the last half.  Almost no eating out.  Oh course, I did indulge on vacation #1 and a small amount on #2.  I have been a bit heavy on the sugar (tea and oatmeal) so I need to work on getting the levels back down.

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  1. With or without vacation, that is a successful month! Congratulations! It is wonderful to see your efforts paying off. Alesha