Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Inches Tell the Real Story

I finally found my old measurements.  I lost the ones I did in 2009 just before starting my journey but the ones below represent my highest weight ever.  I was 3 years post baby #1 in 2007.  Between 2007 and now I had 1 miscarriage and 1 full term baby among 5000 other things.  Even with the pregnancy, my weight never went higher than 232.  I had lost about 10 pounds before the pregnancy and about 10 more during the first 3 months.

Upper (u.) chest is around the armpits, not the biggest part of the chest.  Upper waist is about 1 inch above my belly button and lower is 2 inches below my button.  The hip measurement includes my saggy belly. Upper leg is the meaty part of the thigh, the inner thighs (saddlebags included), about 9 inches above my knee.  Lower (l.) is the thigh about 6 inches above my knee.  I have my calf measurements but they were not done in 2007 so I didn't list them.

OK so I lost 33 inches.  Wow really!  Part of me says it can't be true, it's too variable on how you are measured, etc.  On the other hand I should believe it.  I took 35 pounds off my body, I had to shrink somewhere.  As for the where's.  Considering I had another baby between the measurements I am not surprised by the lack of inches lost in my waist.  What I can't believe is the inches lost in my legs, 8 inches from my upper and lower thigh (combined).  Seriously!  I have bird legs, I have always had bird legs, why can't I drop 8 inches in my stomach first.  I know this is a true number purely for the fact that I can wear skirts / dresses now comfortably with almost no rubbing / chafing.

P.S.  It took me for bloody ever to figure out how to get a nice pretty chart on blogger.

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  1. Good for you! How fun to find those measurements and be thinner!