Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Survived my Vacation - This Time!

I survived my last vacation.  I worked on eating better.  I had a few slips here and there but overall I did great.  I also exercised more this time too.  Luckily my in-laws eat very healthy, i.e. no starchy carbs with dinner, no desert, etc.  So it made it super easy to stay on top of my eating while still thoroughly enjoying the vacation and the process of feeding myself.

Our vacation ended yesterday and the scale monster today read about 197 - 2 pounds down from the previous vacation gain but about 1.5 pounds up from my lowest.  I know there is no way I will reach my July goal of 190 but I am still on the right track.

We were lucky to be able to bring our bikes on this trip (thanks again neighbor for the bike rack).  Right in front of the house was a great bike trail on the beach.  The amazing part was that my 6yo finally decided to take the training wheels off even though he could have done it 2 years ago (cautious kid).  He took off and we did a few family rides (~3 miles).  Two crappy things happen on this trip.  One, the bike seat I bought for the toddler wouldn't go on either bike so we couldn't do a full family ride.  Two, every time I tried to go off on a longer ride by myself my tires will be completely flat.  So flat that I had to walk home one night.  Even after changing both tire tubes (myself).  Someone was trying to tell me not to go off on my own.  That was frustrating.

I also managed to get in a Core Power Hot yoga class.  It was awesome.  I haven't done a yoga class in a few weeks but I slipped right back in and I felt my stamina and strength are up (thanks Boot Camp).  I sweated my butt off.   I do think it's a bit weird to see a bunch of people dripping sweat.  Gross.

Overall I feel blessed to be able to take back to back vacations, spend time with family, see some old friends, explore outside, lots of pleasure reading, exploring inside myself, and stay in enough control to still be on track with my weight loss journey.


  1. I just got back from a long weekend away and ate so much crap I feel horrible:( We also brought our bikes and I had a flat tire thanks to a small nail. But riding was fun.

  2. Nice - you're my inspiration to keep it under control right now (on week one of a 3 week vacation) - exercise, as I expected, is non-existent, but the eating has been pretty okay so far.