Sunday, August 15, 2010

I RanYesterday

So this may seem trivial to many of you runners out there but to me this is a big deal.

Yesterday a friend and I (my UPT) went for a walk/run.  First we briskly walked on the street about a mile.  Then we entered a wilderness park called Whiting Ranch.  On the dirt trail we ran about 0.5 miles then I went back to walking.  It was uphill (slight incline) so I did wuss out on this part.  We walked / ran about 1.7 miles in then turned around.  From here I ran about 1.25 miles back to the entrance.  Non-stop thru multiple terrains.  Rocks, soft dirt, and sand, oh and more sand.  From there we walked back, uphill on the street.
Last night my legs were burning.  Today they are just plain sore.  My right foot on the other hand is super painful.  I walk with a limp and can't put full pressure on it.  I went to the Dr. on Friday and it wasn't much help (yet). 


  1. Amy, have you asked about a cortisone shot? It's kind of extreme, but they do help in some situations. I had to do one on my foot a couple of times and it made a huge difference!

  2. Baby steps. Dr. told me to try to increse activiy and get a heel lift. If in a month we still have problems then she will refer me to a podiatrist. Which may at some point mean shots.