Friday, August 20, 2010

Goodbye My Love

My trusty semi dusty (garage) treadmill is officially broken.  Murphy's Law again.  I have a hard time getting exercise in.  I have an even harder time getting it in when my savior in the garage decided to go out to pasture.

So it may seem like a load a crap that at stay at home mom has a hard time getting exercise in.  I wish it was but lately it is so hard. 

One, I don't belong to a traditional gym with childcare.  Can't afford it and really don't want to put my baby there if I could.  My opinion is those places are poorly run, germ infested holes.

Two, I have to negotiate around my kids and my hubby's schedules, wants and needs.  Sometimes it is pretty easy, other times nearly impossible.  This is the hardest part and so difficult to explain.  My hubby is awesome and accommodating but he too has projects, things to do, overtime, etc.  This is why the treadmill was my savior.  I could go into the garage when the baby was napping.  We are also working hard to have family dinner every night so a 6 pm group exercise class is out of the question.  My hubby works shift work so for 3-4 days he is pretty much 100% unavailable to watch the kids while I try to exercise.

The things I can change - exercising in the morning and late evening and how I exercise.  So I am not a morning person.  Never have been in my 37 years of life.  Should I change my stripes?  I can do group exercise but self motivated is so hard in am.  Hubby and I have discussed my time issue and his solution is to get up earlier and exercise.  There is some classes in the late evening I could go to or run at night (safety?) but then I have a super hard time going to bed.  I always have a hard time getting sleep.

How I exercise -Change?  I will post later this was already I pretty cathartic post.

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  1. When my kids were little I did not exercise yet. I started later. But I also began with a treadmill at home so the kids could be playing around while I got in exercise. I think it is hard to change your timing but doable. I'm rooting for you:)