Saturday, August 14, 2010

Goodbye Lane Bryant - Hello Scary

Yesterday I did some shopping at Lane Bryant.  I have been shopping there for 10-15 years.  The sizes start at 14 so it is a big girl store.  The clothes are well made and well cut.  Price is high but they always have deals.  I wanted to pick up some pant with elastic waists so they will last longer with all the dropping weight (hopefully absolutely).  I got some great pieces that are trendy ( I guess).  I went with the Jeggings and Leggings with some long tunics.  I hope this will help me get thru the winter (in SoCal) without having to buy more clothes.

So almost everything I bought was a 14 with the exception of a pair of capris with buttons (16).  Since my tummy is still big, and will be for some time, I have to go bigger with waistbands that are buttoned / zippered.  In fact some of the items were actually slightly loose on me.  One foot out the door on Lane Bryant forever.  I'd say when I hit the 180's I won't be able to shop there anymore.  I might need to get bras there since I am am still big there (42 DD) and Victoria's highest is 38 DD.

Why Scary? - First of all a 14 at Lane Bryant is no way the same 14 at the Gap, etc.  A Lane Bryant 14 is like a Gap 18.  Second - It is basically all I have known for about 15 years.  Yes, I do buy some stuff at Old Navy and Wal-mart.  But it is rare and really has to fit correctly.  I am excited too - a whole new frontier in clothes.  Downside is I have to try stuff on, takes more time and I also need to re-learn how to fit my newer figure.  I used to know if it fit just by the size and shape.  Not anymore.

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  1. I totally get this!

    When I lost my big chunk of weight 2002-2003 I crossed this frontier (and except a blip never went back, although I'm far from goal) and it was a scary (but wonderful) crossing!

    I loved finding new stores, new cuts of jeans, etc. Also, when you are smaller you can start to think about which stores have styles that appeal to you - when you're bigger there is less choice, and I mainly picked my clothes based on what fit and what would hide which faults best.

    Now I live in france where women are even smaller, and the "regular" clothes are at least 25 pounds away, so I'll need to cross that barrier too...