Sunday, August 22, 2010

Changing it Up

I guess this is part 2 of my treadmill goodbye.  I have a ton of thoughts going in my head.  This may be part rant, part complaints and part finding every excuse in the book.  I am hoping once I get thru all the excuses I will reach the point where I have no excuses.

Exercise - So how do I feel about exercise?  Over the past 8 months of consistent exercise I have leaned that it is my escape.  I enjoy it even though I have a hard time getting to it and sometimes pushing myself.  I love how I feel for the rest of the day.  I love the changes I see in my body.  A great yoga class recharges my soul.  Escape - I hope on the treadmill with my headphones and watch my fav dirty TV shows on my kids little DVD player.  Those shows that Mr. doesn't watch and kids should be nowhere near, like True Blood, Dexter, Californication, etc.  I can even run and still watch the TV.  No distractions (mostly), usually no one asking for something.  I can exercise continuously without interruption, a key for me.

i don't want to
  • run with the jogging stroller & kids because of the pushing and distractions.  Not to mention my toddler can wiggle out of the straps.
  • do an exercise DVD with the kids around because I ONE don't think it will work and TWO the interruptions
  • exercise early in the early morning.  I don't really have the same amount of energy and go power I do later.  Feels like I am just going thru the moves but not doing it all.
  • exercise later in night - SLEEP - enough said
  • exercise when baby sleeping.  OK when my treadmill was working I would do but now I have to get the cardio in without it and not leave my house.  Plus when crazy boy is sleeping, momma gets to get s**t done around the house, relax, eat, blog, spend time with older kid and otherwise recharge during those few precious moments.
Do I have to change it all?  Will I have to force myself to exercise with the kids are around.  Yes, my big kid will be in school soon for 6 hours.  This may change things drastically although Mr. works Sat - Sun - Mon so weekends will still be an issue.

With the triathlon around the corner all my training needs to be outside of the house (swim-bike-run).  Two of the three I can technically do with the kids, if I get the bike trailer hooked up.  But, the trailer makes me nervous.  I am not sure I can do the additional 60+ pounds (20 pound kid & the trailer).  I don't like jogging with the stroller.

So the solutions haven't come yet.  I know they will.


  1. What is the difference between popping in an excercise DVD when baby is sleeping and hopping on the treadmill when he's sleeping? Just cue it up and have it ready. Do one of the short ones like Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and you get a lot of umph in a short amount of time... Also, if you have DVR, do you have the FiTV channel that has workouts? Otherwise you have options: Suck it up and do it in the a.m., or do it when baby is sleeping. I totally get that night workouts are not an option. I know change is hard, but the only difference right now is the mechanism of exercise - you can still exercise at home when you want. You may just not get to watch your shows. It is really hard when you find something that works for you and you don't have it anymore but realistically you have the ability to still exercise at home during YOUR time. Remember, Amy, most people have stuff going on in their lives and hubby may not be home on the weekends, but you get 3-4 days during the week - which is more support than most of us get. Use that awesome amazing progress you have made and continue to make it better for yourself! Don't let this bump in the road be an excuse to slide back, because you've earned this success! Alesha

  2. You've gone so far already, don't let anything hold you back now! I have a 6 year old, and though I thought going to the gym would be a good option for me (for no interruptions), I actually just ended up feeling guilty for spending too much time away from home. I also have the dilemma of when exactly might be the best time to exercise - and honestly the BEST time for me would be in the morning - SCREAMING EARLY. I work regular business hours so I'd probably need to get up at 5:30 at the latest if I really wanted to make that work - that'd mean going to bed by 11 or earlier - which would be really hard for me actually, but I know I could do it if I really wanted to/had to. My other option would be to do it RIGHT away when I get home from work. Of course if I do that I have to contend with a 6 year old, husband and having to deal with making dinner right afterwards - super fun right?? This leads me to believe that the morning is my only realistic option, as much as I hate it - it just is.

    I've found that finding time for exercise has nothing to do with schedules, kids, husbands or how sleepy I may be at 5:30. It's all about the mind - and less about the body at that time of day. You know once you're UP that you'll just do it. Maybe give it a try for a week straight and see how you feel about it. On the days I get up early I actually find that I like having the quietness. The house feels totally different at that time of day - the outdoors looks different. It's very peaceful.

  3. Thank you both for the awesome perspective. I knew my post was a complaint / rant. I needed to let it out a move on. Mornings will probably be my best option on hubby's days off. When he works I will either have to drag the kids or do a DVD.

  4. Sorry about your treadmill - my local goodwill almost always has one in stock - that may be an option?!