Friday, August 27, 2010

Active Choices

Weight loss, getting healthy, is all about choices.  We all know that.  Hell, life is all about choices.

Last night I looked at my possibilities for exercise classes for today.  I decided I was going to kickboxing at 8:45 am and then maybe get to 6pm sunset yoga.  Part of the day would include all 4 of us going to the beach after the baby napped.  My day was full of choices.  I woke up and made a choice to go to kickboxing, leaving my husband with the cranky toddler to contend with and get down for a nap.  I made a choice to eat a healthy breakfast and take my medicine prior to class in order to fuel my body properly.  I choose to work hard in class to make it worth my effort.  It was my choice to eat light and healthy all day.  Tonight I choose not to go to a 6pm sunset yoga class in order to have a family dinner.  This is where I started thinking about choices.
Choice - noun  1. an act or instance of choosing; selection:  2. the right, power, or opportunity to choose; option:  3. the person or thing chosen or eligible to be chosen:  4. an alternative:  5. an abundance or variety from which to choose:
We can make active and passive choices.  This weight loss / fit thing is about active choices.  I debated back and forth about yoga, while cleaning the bathroom and bathing the kids. 
I want to go to Yoga
It's 5:15 pm, we can eat I can still make it
I want to go to yoga but I did exercise today
Should I ask Hubby how he feels about me going
It's been over a week since my last class
I am thinking he won't like the idea - Family dinner and I went out all wed night
It's 5:40 pm and Hubby still doesn't have dinner ready
Sunset yoga sounds so cool
Not sure I can do both the family dinner and yoga
Ok, I choose family dinner over yoga and I am good with that choice
I made an ACTIVE choice not to go to yoga.  I did what I need to do for my health already and my family is equally important.

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