Friday, August 13, 2010

1 Step Forward and 4 Back

I swear my life is a series of a few steps forward and then a ton backward.  Lately the back steps are far out weighing the forward ones.  Murphy's law here.

I need to increase my run training and boom - the treadmill is acting up. Kitchen sink flooded and warped my new (March) wood floors that I waited 3 years to get. Someone bumped my car in a parking lot (no note) and the driver door creaks (we were about to trade it in, not anymore). A 5 day beach vacay with absolutely no sun. The in laws having to cut their visit short by 2 weeks = disappointment for all.  Both bathtubs leaking, need full demo and redo but no money to do so. Best babysitter moved away. Renters bouncing rent checks and late every month. What is next? BRING IT!


  1. We have renamed Murphy's law in our house to our family's name. It seems to hit us all the time:(

  2. Seriously. My life is great but we (Mr. and I) never seems to get ahead. Sometimes I want to throw in the towel, like "whay bother buying nice stuff (floors), it's just going to get ruined. I know life could be so much worse but sometimes I just need to vent.