Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weekly Weigh in 7/6/2010

Weight = 196.6
Loss = -1.0

I am 0.4 pounds away from hitting 20 pound loss (from Jan).  I want to take pictures but I said I would wait until 20 pounds.  I WILL hit the 20 pound mark.  I am feeling great but the big monthly V is right around the corner which always throws me for a big loop on the food and exercise front. 

Sometimes I second guess my methods.  I have been on a SLOW and steady weight loss all year.  I am in this for my life, not a quick fix.  I 100% believe in moderation and not extremes but .... It could go faster, I could take to more extremes and drop the weight quicker.  I read a few other weight loss blogs and a good portion of the people drop weight fast and steady.  Some are on programs like Medifast, Weight Watchers or do really low carbs, etc.  Many of these people don't indulge or imbibe.  Which is better?  What is the choice for me?  Like I said I second guess myself occasionally.  It wouldn't be called a journey if I didn't.

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  1. Fantastic, Amy!!! You are so close! You have definitely changed your body! I know... slow is tough for us impatient ones... but the fast is less likely to stay off and is more likely to be a "fad" than a way of life. Do NOT do very low carb - you don't do well with that one! Remember when you tried that a few months ago? I can't sustain that one either. You are doing awesome... I know it sounds cliche... but it took awhile to get on and it is taking awhile coming off... BUT YOU ARE DOING IT!!!!! Alesha