Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 7/26/10

Weight = 199.0
Loss = +3.2

VACATION - Enough said.

Waaaa, booo, hisss.  The inner child in me didn't want to admit my gain.  I don't want to tell the world I gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  Not total devastation, but still 3 pounds.  I stepped on the scale monster on Friday and I was the same, so the 3 pounds have been sticking around for a few non vacation days.  I am one pound away from 2 hundy suckyville.  Won't happen but still scary.

And guess what, I am off for another vacation today.  It will be different this time.

I have also come to realization that I highly doubt I will make my 8/3 goal of 190.

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  1. Hey, I totally get that you are bummed out and I'd feel the same way... so I hope you don't take this as me blowing off that feeling... but I have to say how awesome it is that you have sunk low enough under 200 that even with 2 weeks of vacation you are STILL UNDER the 2s!!!! Your body already has in its recent memory of what you were 3.2 lbs lighter than right now and will be very easy for you to re-accomplish that level. Alesha