Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Vacation in Control - Possible?

How the hell do the “normal” people vacation? I have traveled a few times this year. The year of my weight loss journey. The year that is the start with no end. Anyways, I travel with my kids and sometimes with hubby. We travel by car mostly. When we stop we do it quick and dirty. Walk in, potty, order, eat in car. Admittedly I am not a fan of “health” food at fast foods places and you really can’t eat a salad in a car. Choices are also difficult with my food issues. So lately I will grab a cheeseburger, no fries, only water. I know it’s not the best choice.

How do people who are either have no weight issues or have their prior weight issues under control vacation? I as not in control with my vacation last week. I ate more than I needed and things I did not need. I really didn’t go into thinking, “hell I am on vacation so let’s free for all”. It just happened. I let it happen.

How do “fit” people maintain their exercise routine during vacation? A vacation with young kids. Vacation with no access to a gym. A vacation where you are not a runner yet and walking is not enough cardio anymore.


  1. You just do what you can, Amy. Make the best decisions from what is available, even if that would not be your "best" at home. Walk when you can, even when that would not be your MO at home. That is the line between all and nothing. I don't know about you, but I tend to think that if I can't do it "perfectly" then I will throw it all away and give up. You just do your best. And vacations tend to be pretty active - less sitting around and snacking, more sight seeing or beach playing. As your blood sugar gets better, I think it will be less work to not be thrown so far off when your routine changes. I think the "normal" person has that going for them... that their blood chemistry allows for more slip ups than others of us... and isn't that really part of the bigger picture goal? That we can get to that point? But until then - this is YOUR vacation and you will want to ENJOY it... and just do the best you can!!!

  2. I think most people, even fit & skinny ones, don't generally worry about that when they are on vacation. Unless you are consiously trying to lose weight, the general way of thinking is the "Hey, I'm on vacation!". The point of a vacation is to relax and rejuvinate, but if you are obsessing about food the whole time, then you kind of miss the point. All you can do is be aware of your choices and deal with any concequences when you are back home in your "normal" environment. Stay as active as possible and just enjoy yourself!

  3. Plan ahead and make healthy choices (which does not have to mean sacrafice.) Traveling by car gives you an advantage. Shop ahead of time and bring healthy food with you in the car. Fruit, homemade sandwiches, wraps, raw vegetables travel well. When you plan ahead, you are in charge and are not limited to whatever fast food on the road is available. If you don't have time to plan ahead, forego the drive thru, instead stop at a market and purchase healthy food. The options are there and the choice is yours to make.

    Walking is always good for you. You can do it just about anywhere. Pick up the pace to challenge yourself.