Saturday, July 24, 2010

Like Riding a Bike

While on vacation the Mr. and I went on a bike ride without kids.  I haven't really been on a bike for sometime.  I also haven't done much distance or hills or on streets.  I was a bit nervous.  I wasn't sure how I would do. 

I did good, in my opinion.

We biked 3 miles, stopped and then 3 miles back.  I had to adjust my seat up, I was too low.  I also had a learning curve with gears and what gear I should be in where.  Otherwise, besides a bit of quads burning it was easy.  I really wasn't out of breath, except for the steep steep hill in the beginning of the ride.  It was fun and I want MORE.  I wanted to ride more that day and then the next.  Unfortunately Mr. was under the weather so we only got the one ride.


  1. Just do it! You should have gone out anyway. Don't let others hold you back.

  2. Totally agree but it was more an issue with watching the kids (6 and 16 months) than anything. I should have made the affort and gone out. I do let "stuff" get in my way too much. I also want to share my experience too much.

  3. Some extra encouragement to keep biking:
    Hopefully your 6-year-old will love biking with you and you can one day tow your younger one. My neighbor's almost-2-year-old loves being taken for a ride! He knows what his helmet is for!