Thursday, July 1, 2010

June in Review

Start Weight (6/1) =  199.8
End Weight (6/30) = 197.6
Loss = -2.2

Considering how lax I have been with food especially, I am happy to be what I consider maintaining my weight.  Even though it shows a loss I don't consider it one.  I will be in loss category when I go below 196, in my opinion.  I have gotten really good at maintaining my loss for the past 2 months. 

I exercised 18 of 30 days.  I though it was higher but the percentage is 60%, not bad.  Almost double last month.  My accomplishments have increased.
  • I ran a full mile non-stop.  I am not a runner unless I am chasing a soccer ball.  Huge accomplishment.
  • I did 7 days of 1 hr high intensity boot camp.  I started mid month.  I never got too sore like I used to when starting a new exercise program.
  • I increased my weights at boot camp.  For bis-tris-chest I am up to 12 pound dumbbells.
  • I did Hot Yoga
Words like donuts, pretzels, big sub sandwiches, ice cream, bread, alcohol, etc should not be in the equation.  It is no surprise that my weight is where it is.  I enjoyed myself with food.  Enjoyed might be the wrong choice of words.  Food is for fuel not enjoyment or is it ok to enjoy food and become fit at the same time?  Am I fooling myself with this thought?  Does it have to be black or white? 

I also wonder if the weight training affected my weight loss too.


  1. "Food is for fuel not enjoyment". that is a really good concept to work out. It is one I struggle with myself. I guess it comes down to allowing food as enjoyment, but re-training ourselves what that enjoyment is. For example, for me personally, "enjoyment" is associated with "freedom" or "me" time. So I can eat what I don't allow my kids to eat during a time away from them. But I need to retrain myself to enjoy food not in quantity or purely because I've deemed it forbidden, but instead look at food as a way to nourish, enjoy the actual flavor, and make the eating experience itself more special. Truly, how good does that last Skittle in a bag taste? It ususally comes with nausea and a bit of disgust. Now that isn't enjoyment... yet that is a guilty indulgence from time to time. So I guess for me, "enjoyment" needs to be re-framed - it's all mental.

  2. I am learning that this whole dang thing is really all mental.