Friday, July 23, 2010

Back home

I was MIA for a while.  I was on vacation at the beach.  I did have wifi but it was a low tech vacay and I got looks from my hubby and parents when I went on the computer.

I checked my weight today and I was up 3 pounds.  Not in the least bit surprised.  In the 7 days we were gone (thru to thur) I worked out 3 days.  I had the best intentions.  We packed up our bikes, boxing gloves, weights and tension bands.  I managed boot camp on they day we left, one workout and one bike ride (6 miles).  The workout consisted of me beating my Mr. with boxing gloves, doing wind sprints with him and some tension band work.  My Mr. pissed me off with the workout.  I asked him if I did a good workout and he said it wasn't enough.  I wanted to do more during the week but it was hard to get it in.  The baby didn't sleep very well and when he was awake we had to be 100% on him.

The food.  The great thing was that almost every meal was homemade and great.  We didn't really eat out at all.  The bad side was there was alot of food.  There was 15-17 people at the house.  I don't have control over my food issues yet.  I ate much more then I should have, hence the 3 pounds gain.   Every breakfast was full of meats and eggs.  There was bread all the time which I have a hard time avoiding.  Oh and lets not forget, desert every night.  I never had so much desert in one week.  We don't do desert at home.

On Monday I am off for another vacation.  This time it is just us and my in laws so I should have much more control over what is in the house.  I plan to stay in more control and try to get out more and exercise.

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