Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July recap

Yes, there was area of improvements but overall it went great.  I should have eaten more at home.  The invite was for 12 and I arrived at about 2, almost noone was there.  I guess the plan was to BBQ for dinner so it was just appetizers until then.  There was my mistake, I was hungry because I didn't really eat lunch.  I overdid it on the cupcakes and I know it.  I went to bed hungry.  This is what I ate for the whole day.
small helping of my potato salad, apple with my PB dip, at party - chips and dip, 2 crakers with 1 slice cheese, apples w/ PB dip, 2 cupcakes, some veggies, c. burger, potato salad, fruit, 2 more cupcakes, 2 glasses of wine
I did exercise but not like I expected.  Just before dinner my BF / UPT wanted to go on a walk.  There is a great trail near the party house.  I strapped the baby in the stroller and went for a walk, in my FLIP FLOPS.  It was a brisk walk for 1 HOUR, awesome.  So happy I got that in, just wish I had proper shoes.

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