Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 6/30/10 and Wedding Recap

Weight = 197.6
Loss = +0.4

So, not as bad as I originally thought.  The wedding alcohol and food (sodium) really bumped up my weight but I must have dropped the water weight since Sunday.  I am happy the weight is not super high (out of control) but also upset that it is not lower.  I am going to sit down and evaluate June and really think about where I want to go in July.

The wedding was awesome.  It was the first time Mr. and I went away from our baby #2.  I did get stressed out and pissed off when we got there because all I wanted to do was have fun and relax but I had to get the tux to one of the groomsman with no cell reception in the resort.  The Bacara resort was beautiful and the room was fantastic.  I enjoyed a few cocktails and the pool before getting ready.  Getting ready for the wedding was a bit difficult (cocktails).  I was comfortable and felt great.  I did Spanx it but it is one size too big so not a whole lot of squish.  I received many compliments that really helped me feel good.  The wedding was great and full of more cocktails and food, foodie food.  I had ahi tartar, foie gras, coconut shrimp, a puffed pastries with goat cheese ...., quail, organic chicken ...and cake, etc, etc.  On the way home (sun) Mr. and I stopped at the Santa Barbara wharf and had burgers to soak up the alcohol.

I don't like the picture.  I wish Mr. would have taken more time to get a better picture and not be so short with me when I asked him to take one.  I am pissed but oh well, move on.  I guess I could have spoken up and demanded more.  There was many other pictures and I am super fighting the urge to be critical of how I look.  I hate pictures because they don't turn out to look like I felt.  I have a reverse body image.  For years I felt I looked better than I was and then pictures give you the ugly truth.  As you can see here I carry like 90% of my weight in my abdomen area so it's hard to really "rock" the LBD with that going on.
Our room was in the building at the top.
Very similar to our room.  Can't see the walk in shower, rest of bathroom,  fireplace, etc.

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