Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 6/08/10

Weight = 197.4
Loss = -2.4

Back on track baby.  Now I have to push thru the 197 barrier I have been messing around with for weeks.  I recently found out thru my blog reading that I am not the only one who teeter totters around a weight.  I really think it fear of being successful.  Fear of actually doing it and doing right.  Fear of being successful at something you were never successful at for on and off 20 years.

I have been on an exercise kick.  I am mentally felling much better.  Today I am feeling that exercise exhaustion.  I am still having problems with balancing my life.  My house is a clutter nightmare and its really getting me depressed but with a super super active and curious 15 month old I have a hard time getting things done.  When he sleeps, I exercise, blog, do the general cleaning or laundry required daily.  When my Mr. is home I want to spend time with him, not organizing.

I have 18 days till the black dress wearing wedding.  It will be a weekend away (1 night) away for Mr. and I in a beautiful resort on the Santa Barbara coast.  I want to rock that black dress.  I have some shoes, I still need a new bra and a necklace.


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  2. You are not alone in your struggle, by any means! So right there with you.

    And you ARE going to rock that black dress!

    And as far as events go? I've got a family gathering in August that will include a swimsuit appearance. Totally want to lose a few by then! Eeeks! =P

  3. She's BACK! Right on sista! Yes, there are probably several mental blocks that we'll encounter during our journey... and you will find a way to push past them. And keep a pulse on reality... you have two young, active children. You have a lot to do, you have a lot of "help" un-doing what you do, you are changing your life and your habits... of course something has to give. And even though it may drive you crazy, clutter is probably the best to "let go", right? Keep it up!