Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekly Weigh In 6/01/10

Weight = 199.8
Loss = + 1.4

I expected this.  I am pissed and feel like quitting, but why?  It's not like I did the work to have a loss.  It would be valid to be upset if I actually did what was required to drop weight.  I have had lots of wine and food this month.  Wine probably turns straight to sugar in my messed up body.

Don't worry I am not quitting but I am still mad at myself for what I did.  I am thinking about not setting specific goals in June.  I suffer from self sabotage.  If I get close to a goal I have a tendency to screw it up.  I wonder if there is a book out there for me.  I really have to think about this one before I decide if I want to set a goal.

I am also begining to realise I have an issues with binging.  Let me tell you about yesterday.  I ate breakfast way too late which consisted of an attempt of poaching 2 eggs (I ate about 75%) and 2 slices of light wheat bread with butter and 1 slice with Jam.  For lunch I had a Jersey Mikes regular club sub with all the trimmings (1120 cal, 80 g fat, 58g carbs) and ruffles (320 cal, 22g fat, 28g carbs), to top off that feast I stuffed myself with almost a whole sleeve of fig newtons (550 cal, 10g fat, 110g carbs).  I ate in one meal more calories than my body needs in one day.  I felt yucky for most of the rest of the day.  For dinner I had beans, salsa and sour cream with chips.  I also had about 2 glasses of wine.


  1. Firstly, easier said then done- dont quit! Secondly, you said it when you said that you did nothing to move the scale downward. The worst weeks are those when you are right on track, sacrificing and plugging along and then you get on the scale and you have a gain! BOO!! you know what got you into the 100's....hard work! So you gotta pick yourself up and aim for a new mini goal- seeing the 180's for example. And work towards that. There will be pizza and wine and days when we have excess- the key is not making every day that type of day. Good luck.

  2. Good for you... no quitting allowed! Take a browse back through your blogs... the recent ones may show a trend... if it is not as successful as you wanted, then keep reading back to when you were in the zone. And then re-read them and see if you can find some clues to motivation, what was working at that time and what didn't. Since you are so good at recapping, you can probably find some answers in your own words. Best of luck! It's a journey!!!